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A Study on Algae to Mitigate Carbon Footprint

2022. 02 - 2022.05

Daily Algae is about the design approach of biomimicry(nature-inspired innovation) for ecologically sustainable design. The graphic design industry creates excessive pollution. To solve the sustainability problem, I want to attempt to preserve resources (i.e., renewable or non-renewable) and find solutions by emulating nature’s forms, processes, and ecosystems. I am qualified to pursue this because designers should take special care to reduce our designs' negative impact on the environment and minimize carbon footprint.

My project's goal is to solve the problem of algal blooms and explore sustainable materials. The purpose is to make natural materials treated as waste beautiful and valuable. Algae offer much potential in sustainable production for things like food, biofuel, and paper/packaging. This renewable, mostly aquatic organism grows significantly faster than terrestrial plants and requires less land.

Print: Letterpress
Paper: Favini Alga Carta, Sustainable Algae Paper Self-produced
Ink: Living Ink (Algae Ink)

탄소 발자국 완화를 위한 조류 제지 연구

생태학적으로 지속 가능한 디자인을 위한 생체 모방(자연에서 영감을 받은 혁신)의 디자인 접근법에 관한 것이다. Daily Algae는 녹조 문제를 해결하고 지속 가능한 물질을 탐구하는 것이다. 폐기물로 처리되는 천연자재를 아름답고 가치 있게 만드는 것이 목적이다.

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